Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Final Concert!! Mother's Day and Birthday!

Last Monday night was the last concert for the Chamber Choir class that I took at Chandler/Gilbert Community College. The pictures don't look very different from the last concert but at least the music was. I am probably going to take the class again in the fall. I had a lot of fun.

We had a great weekend this Mother's Day. Steve and Bear came down from Las Vegas. We went to the show....saw Star was my second time.....Mike, Xochi and I saw it on Friday. Of course we had a family dinner Sunday afternoon. Dinner was quick....dessert was even quicker...Steve and Bear had to get on the road to get back to Vegas. I wished we all could have been together. I posted some pictures of the choir and Mother's Day.

Also, the week before we celebrated Eric's Birthday!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mike goes to school!!

Well, if you don't know I decided to take a class at Chandler/Gilbert Community College. Yes, I am matriculating!! It is a Chamber Choir class and we had our first concert last night. I was a little nervous but from what I hear we sounded really good. My neighbor, who directs our ward choir, thought I would like it and that they needed more tenors. I'm really not a true tenor! I had to meet with the director and kind of audition. I was REALLY nervous then. She said that I was more of a baritone and or bass but I was welcome to try. I decided to go for it..... After the concert Susan said that she didn't know I could sing that high.....I think most composers had it out for tenors and sopranos!!! Our next concert is on May 11th....we have only practiced one song for that and will have to hit it hard if we are to learn more. Who knows....I may take it again....I am having a lot of fun with it. I might even take another class and work on a degree. It's not like I'm doing anything else except waiting around!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Last week Susan and I made a trip to Utah to visit family and friends. Mainly so Susan could visit Britney and Seth.......and to see Britney in her "poochyness" cuz she is expecting a baby. I think it's wonderful. We had a lot of fun visiting LeeAnne, Lex, Sage, Ashleigh, Josh and of course Chamberlain. UNCLE MUCK!!!! (Sometimes Buck) There is never a dull moment at their house. then we went on to Pleaseant Grove and visited with Shelbie, Tim and Hudson. (bing, bing, bing bing bing, that Hudson running!) They left the next day for California were were gracious enough to let Susan and I stay at there place....Dang! we didn't throw any parties. Visited with Bob, Merrilee and their girls and Jack and Janey. We visited Janey's place of work and actully saw her working!!!! I got a chance to visit with Sharon's family out in Tooele. I was apprehensive at first but they made me feel so welcomed and loved. Truett and I went to lunch and had a great time talking. The trip was long but well worth the drive. Looks like we'll be making another trip up there for a baby blessing. Family reunion is coming up and I am looking forward to that....I hope we have more attend. I love my sisters are the greatest.....they have some wonderful children who make me feel so very loved. Love you guys.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Dinner and cake for Glen and Kyle's birthday.

This past Sunday we had a steak dinner to celebrate Glen and Kyle's birthday. Mom, Dad, (Grandma and Grandpa to some) Susan, Glen (of course), Kyle (great to have him there), Eric and Gabie, Mike and his new "interest" Xochi and myself were all in attendance. After dinner we played a little bit of progressive rummy then about half way through we stopped to eat cake. I took only a few pictures (okay just 5) but my main goal was to get a picture of Xochi. I told Mike that it was very nice to meet her. He warned her a little bit about the family and that when we played cards we could get a little loud and roudy.....afterwards she told him that her family was louder....I answered him back and told him we were on our best behavior. Dad told here that next time she would have to talk a little more.......she promised she would. Susan told her not to judge us too harshly. Mom called her "sushi" a couple of times!! She didn't mind cuz it happens all the time. She is tall, about 5' 9", shoulder length hair and very pretty. He told me they have a great time with her when they go out. She even got him to go dancing!!!!! We'll see what happens.
The picture of Glen and Kyle blowning out the candles was after the fact. I wasn't ready with my I made them pose. The picture with Susan extending her arm is when Xochi told us that it was her birthday on Saturday and Ssan was telling her that she should of told us so we could sing to her also......As you can tell Eric is always ready for a picture. Nothing shy about him. Gabie would rather take pictures than have her picture taken. Mike seems like he is beaming!!!!!