Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Final Concert!! Mother's Day and Birthday!

Last Monday night was the last concert for the Chamber Choir class that I took at Chandler/Gilbert Community College. The pictures don't look very different from the last concert but at least the music was. I am probably going to take the class again in the fall. I had a lot of fun.

We had a great weekend this Mother's Day. Steve and Bear came down from Las Vegas. We went to the show....saw Star was my second time.....Mike, Xochi and I saw it on Friday. Of course we had a family dinner Sunday afternoon. Dinner was quick....dessert was even quicker...Steve and Bear had to get on the road to get back to Vegas. I wished we all could have been together. I posted some pictures of the choir and Mother's Day.

Also, the week before we celebrated Eric's Birthday!!!

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  1. gosh i miss my family. Thanks for keeping us northerners(?) updated. Love ya